8 Wrestlers In Support Of Donald Trump

By Luis Vasquez

It’s no secret the WWE and Donald Trump have been tight besties over the years. That is why the over the top character that is Donald Trump is hard to identify whether his support from the wrestling world is admiration for having worked together, or simply an agreement to his views. Nonetheless, here are eight notable people from the wrestling world who are down with “The Donald”:

8. Eugene

Eugene posted this picture to his personal Twitter account back in February, publicly coming out as a Trump supporter.

7. Jerry “The King” Lawler

Similar to Eugene, Lawler posted his support for the candidate to his personal Twitter account to the WWE faithful. His endorsement was met with plenty of negative reactions from other users, and he reported days later to receiving death threats for his endorsement. Always risky when you risk profession with politics…

6. Kevin Nash

Big Sexy looks awful cozy in this shirt. Nash posted this photo to his social media saying he wore it to see what the reactions would be. Riiiiight…

5. Stephanie McMahon

In the above still, Stephanie McMahon was recently asked about Donald Trump by TMZ, in which a passerby yells, “Make America great again!” – Stephanie blushed and giggled to the camera, saying, “Did you hear that guy?”

4. Hulk Hogan

Hogan had remained relatively quiet until publicly disclosing he wants to be Trump’s running mate and that his buddy would make a great president. Hogan was fired from WWE after a tape was released exposing a racist tirade by the Hulkster.

3. Zeb Colter


Any surprises here? On a Twitter post, Zeb said he would vote not once, not twice, but three times for his guy Donald Trump in an effort to “Make America great again.”

2. Shawn Michaels


What you see above is a still of Michaels seated close to the podium at a Trump rally. In the video which can be found on YouTube, Michaels is seen to be having a good time and all smiles from his seat.

1. Vince McMahon


In a perfect scenario of whether Trump is supported on the basis of a friendship versus his views, Vince McMahon and Donald Trump are certified G’s. The two titans have long intertwined personal and business since hosting back-to-back WrestleMania’s at the now defunct, Trump Plaza, in 1988 and 1989, respectively. McMahon also refused to acknowledge various fan petitions to revoke Trump’s WWE Hall of Fame status since the launch of his presidential campaign.


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